La gouvernance des données touristiques : pratiques et enjeux

Zeghni Sylvain, Fabry Nathalie et Blanchet Cyril, (2018), “La gouvernance des villes intelligentes, entre complexité et réseau d’acteurs”, Projectics 2018, Bidart 27-28, septembre 2018.

The digital transformation of our society leads to an increase in digital data produced and recorded by private actors and local authorities. In a smart city context, this digital data represents the smallest common denominator in the definitions of these various initiatives. Numerous academic studies show the opportunities and the potential value creation through these ever-increasing sources of information. The smart city aims at the improvement of the daily lives of its inhabitants but must not forget to take into account the temporary use of the territory by visitors commonly called tourists. Tourism is a sector of activity where digital technology has significantly transformed visitor consumption, usage, and behavior. New actors are asking the question of the place of public institutions in such increasingly complex ecosystems. This presentation tries to understand how data can accompany the tourist governance of destinations with a mastery of the new issues related to the data revolution.

Keywords: smart city, destination, data, governance

Cyril Blanchet

Doctorant smart destination

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